Our Commitment

The Hammond family of businesses takes our environmental responsibility seriously. We believe that environmental sustainability and running a business are not mutually exclusive. Here are some of the ongoing projects we are working on to ensure our ecological footprint is as minimal as possible. 

Hammond Hill has signed the Sustainable Tourism 2030 Pledge, to demonstrate our commitment to improving the sustainability performance of our business between now and 2030. The UN World Tourism Organization defines sustainable tourism as “tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities.” Each year, we commit to measuring and improving our sustainability performance in the following ways:

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Hammond Hill

  • Solar and rain capture
  • Site planning with the landscape
  • 1:1 tree replanting commitment
  • Climate-neutral workforce
  • Working with Terrestrial Biologist for tree and trail identification
  • Forestry management by identifying dead or dying trees
  • Battery-powered generator for tools
  • Reusing felled trees for foundations and path dividers
  • Reusing sand from pit to make sand dunes and roads and bunkers on golf
  • Reusing great organic topsoil for golf course and planted areas
  • Mulching all branches for pathways
  • Splitting logs:  hardwood to be used in pizza oven softwood as campfire material
  • Transplanting trees where possible
  • Building outside of migratory patterns
  • Minimization of gas-powered tool usage
  • Recycled construction materials
  • Off-cuts minimized by sizing of cottages
  • Overstock purchases that would have gone to dump
  • Use felled trees for on-site building materials - walkways, gazebos, benches, etc.
  • Vendors who use sustainable products
  • Habitat positive development
  • Workshops and education
  • Recycling (Not typical of the construction industry)
  • Planting of pollinator garden onsite

Hammond Golf

  • Composting program - Teas for soil regeneration
  • Vermicompost program - Worms
  • Leading golf course in NCC in soil regeneration
  • Turf management - Replacing herbicides, fungicides and pesticides with organic natural products
  • Invested in new golf carts - Yamaha lowest emissions of any engine on market
  • Reducing water output, water reduction program
  • Water reclamation off rooftop
  • Light timers LED upgrades - Removal of over 100 fluorescent lights replaced with LED
  • Retrofit plan for solar panels

Brewery & Restaurant

  • Farm and Forage Beer Series - Spruce tips, Sumack, Juniper, Fiddle Heads, Wild mushrooms, bee hive program
  • Wood fired pizza oven
  • Compost program for restaurant
  • Decomposable or recyclable containers
  • Moving away from single-use plastics and cups
  • Cardboard straws
  • Less waste - Cooking process allowing food to last longer
  • Return water line that reduces water usage by 40% (instead of draining it)
  • New equipment that reduces brewing time and less energy
  • Market garden on-site to reduce transportation needs of produce