Jupe Village

Note: All Jupes are moving north, to the second lake, the current location on the map is being fixed. Designed by a team from SpaceX and Tesla, Jupes include dimmable LED track lighting, a continuous double-battery system, bedside USB charge stations and outlets integrated throughout. Each Jupe includes a luxury queen mattress, butcher board end tables and stools, and an expansive 8' x 13' deck. The Jupe Village is part of the larger Hammond Hill eco-resort. Featuring a soccer field, beach volleyball court, BBQs, seating areas, children's playground, and so much more.

Jupe Hammond Hill Image 3

Our Jupe village


Tent & Picnic Table


- Sleeps 2 people

- Ample Storage area

- Solar Powered -  AC outlets, LED lighting and fans

- Picnic Table

- Fire pit

- Deck with patio chairs

- Total of 5 Jupes currently available