Staycation at new Hammond Hill eco-resort

The Hammond Golf & Country Club and Broken Stick Brewing Company (BSBC) are excited to welcome a new member to the Hammond family, Hammond Hill.

Hammond Hill is an eco-friendly wilderness resort featuring 10 small cabins and trail systems nestled in the 50 acres of mature woodland on the golf course. The first of its kind in Canada, Hammond Hill is built off-grid with water recollection measures, solar panels, compostable toilets, and much more. Over the coming years, Hammond Hill will expand to 50 small cabins.

Hammond Hill will be officially launching on March 27 at 9 am at the Hammond Golf & Country Club (600 Du Golf Road, Hammond). Come on down for the grand opening, which will take place in the 2,100 square foot Hammond Hill sales center. Here, you’ll be able to tour fully finished and furnished at scale models of the tiny cabins, and learn more about the project and how you can book your next wilderness adventure.

“The vision behind Hammon Hill is to create an environmentally-sustainable retreat where families and friends can come together and experience and learn about nature in a different way,” says Hammond Hill partner Brad Cartier.

“This is a very unique project from a construction standpoint as we are building in a new and environmentally-sustainable way. It’s so exciting to be a part of this type of project,” says Broken Stick Brewing Company owner Aaron Markel, who is also heading up the construction at Hammond Hill. Hammond Hill is a climate-positive workforce through a partnership with Ecologi, and will be building in new and innovative ways.

The Hammond Hill project is part of a larger revitalization of the golf course and brewery, which includes:

● Soil regeneration
● New head chef and menu
● Upgraded wood fire pizza oven
● New brewing equipment and expansion

As a result of all these exciting developments, a film crew has taken notice and was on-site recently shooting a promotional video. This is part of an upcoming reality TV show pitch titled Growing the Green that will document and educate audiences about the role environmental sustainability plays in these various businesses.

According to Leonard Gendron, owner of the Hammond Golf & Country Club. “There is so much going on here, I’m just so excited so to see everyone working together to achieve a common and ambitious goal.” Leonard continues that “in addition to new soil regeneration projects we are working on at the golf course, people from all over the region can now come to Hammond, play golf, eat, have a local beer, and stay the night if they want to. It’s perfect.”

Join us on March 27th from 9 am to 12 pm for our grand opening of Hammond Hill, and come see what all the excitement is about. COVID-19 protocols will be in force, with a limit of 50 people indoors.

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