Why You Should Make Your Next Family Reunion a Getaway Weekend at Hammond Hill

Crafting Unforgettable Memories with a Family Weekend Getaway in Ontario

Imagine this: a cool autumn wind blowing through orange and yellow leaves, the quiet popping sounds from a campfire, and the sound of happy laughter from family and friends under the Ontario starry skies. Welcome to Hammond Hill, a special place where family reunions become more than just regular gatherings–They turn into treasured memories filled with joy and unity.

A Mix of Cozy Accommodations 

Picture a spot where, no matter what you like, there’s a comfy and unique place to stay for everyone in your family. At Hammond Hill, there are lots of options to choose from. From tiny homes to retro airstreams, old-school cabins, innovative jupes, authentic yurts, and classic camping spots. All of these choices make sure that your family’s weekend trip in Ontario fits perfectly with what you and everyone in your family find comfortable and stylish.

Creating Memories in Beautiful Fall Scenery

With the fall season painting every tree bright orange, red, and yellow, Hammond Hill becomes a beautiful backdrop that shows the spirit of the season. The calm but refreshing fall setting helps you not only connect with nature but also brings family members closer together. Walk the trails with each other, have fun playing in the leaves, or just relax in the peaceful surroundings. Let the gorgeous Ontario fall be the background for your reunion pictures.

Activities for Every Age and Adventure Level

Lots of activities are ready for your family at Hammond Hill. Whether it’s campground games, an exciting hike through the woods, a game of beach volleyball, or a calm evening under the stars telling stories and roasting marshmallows — every moment turns into a special memory. We have something for all ages and activity levels, ensuring that your family reunion weekend is fun and enjoyable for everyone who joins!

Customizing Celebrations to Your Wishes

Celebrating a milestone? Honoring an elder? Or simply rejoicing in being together once again? We at Hammond Hill realize that every family gathering is as unique as the stories shared among its members. Our dedicated team is thrilled to assist you in personalizing your celebration, ensuring that your family reunion becomes a heartwarming tale to be passed down through generations.

A Reunion That’s Good for the Planet

We strongly believe that having fun today shouldn’t hurt our future. Hammond Hill is proud to be a campsite that cares about the environment, making sure your celebrations are good for the planet. When you stay here, both your family and nature will be glad you did. 

Choose Hammond Hill for your Family Weekend Getaway!

Let Hammond Hill be the place where your family creates lasting stories, filled with the beautiful and peaceful spirit of Ontario. Turn your family reunion from a simple get-together into a real experience, building a web of moments, smiles, and shared love that you’ll all remember forever.

Come join us this fall and make your next family reunion a wonderful escape into nature, love, and family!

Contact us today and set up your family reunion at Hammond Hill!